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School Leaders Blog

Greetings and Emor D'var Torah

Dear Ezra Community,

This month we have greetings from Jen Ruth, President of the Ezra Academy PTO. She originally wrote this d'var Torah for our monthly board meeting. I thought you all might enjoy her perspective. I hope you and your families are doing well. Shabbat Shalom.

Pesach from Julie Katz - Ezra Academy Board President

Dear Ezra Community,

Avadim hayinu. We were slaves. Atah b'nai chorin. Now we are free. Why is this Passover different from other Passovers? At a time when we enjoy the greatest liberty to practice Judaism and celebrate our holidays, we are each confined to our own homes lacking the fr…

Our Third Week of Distance Learning

Dear Ezra Families,

We are three weeks into our new reality and have begun to hit our pace just as Pesach vacation comes along! This time of year is joyous and we all look forward to time spent with family and loved ones. I strongly believe that we can still do so. We are a resilient com…

Our Second Week of Distance Learning

Dear Ezra Families and Friends,
We so miss all of you, but especially your children. My morning is just not the same without seeing those happy faces coming into the building. I even miss those sleep deprived, grouchy adolescents who do not even return my good morning greetings! I h…

Our First Week of Distance Learning

Dear Ezra Families,


The past week has been a difficult one for all of us, yet never have I been so proud of belonging to the Ezra Community. The students, parents and most of all, our amazing faculty and staff have been functioning seamlessly. We had our last day of school last Thursday…